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El Afgano

El Afgano was created to introduce fused Afghan cuisine to Baja California. The Afghan is made up of an association with Afzal of Afghan origin and Timoleon of Greek origin. We are best friends and have been cooking together for almost 20 years. We decided it was time to share our family recipes with you. All of our main dishes are made with the freshest ingredients. The Chicken Skewer is our main dish and our specialty. The recipe for this dish was passed from generation to generation through my family tree until it reached me.


The eggplant dish is without a doubt our favorite dish. When we present this dish, we are often met with objections, the most common being "I don't like eggplant." In fact, we love it when we hear someone say that to us right before trying this main dish. After the first bite, they are speechless. The beef skewer is also very delicious. It's marinated with traditional herbs and spices and will leave a lasting impression on your palate. The expression of surprise and how they enjoy it says it all. We also have some Greek dishes and we will continue to add more of our traditions to the menu.


We started as a banquet company that provided our kitchen to corporate or family gatherings. And in each event, both the guests and the staff asked, where can they enjoy this meal out? Until now, our food was available exclusively in banqueting services that were associated with high costs and prices. Now our kitchen is available for everyone to enjoy. Visit us at Cochis Place in Zona Rio, right in front of the Municipal Palace.


Antonieta, Client

Afghan food is very good  with good quality and presentation  of their food with very good portions and a very complete menu !! The truth is super recommended👌

Man we needed a place like this in TJ, yes I know others try to be legit but they all fall short when it comes to authentic Afghan food. I have tried everything on the menu and they are all my favorites.

Truman, Client

The food is a real explosion of flavors I tried the chicken curry and the hummus of the best. Widely recommended if you are one of those people who appreciate good food.

Zeús, Client

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